It’s a simple thing to make someone smile, but it should never be overlooked or taken for granted. As we have taken more time to appreciate the world around us, the sense of community has rippled across the nation.
With the initial severity of life in the London Lockdown, I took to my stairs to communicate with the neighbourhood moments of joy and positivity. “Steps to Recovery” was born after I acquired 180 eggs, they were going to be thrown away following the abrupt announcement discouraging restaurant goers on 16th March. I laid out eggs in trays with a sign offering the eggs out for free, signing off ‘with love from a waitress.’ I had an urge to sign off every stairway after that with ‘with love from a waitress,’ but how could I when so many other industries are and will be affected for years to come.
As a conversational tool, this has opened up the street to waves and smiles over garden fences and a splash of colour between the grey and sunny days. 
© 2021 Julie-Anne Pugh