Patterns are omnipotent, behavioural, historic and aesthetic. The 60s, 70s, and 80s all have clear visual aesthetics, but the past 20 years seem to ricochet off of the kinks and quirks of the past. If everything has been designed, then what is happening to our minds? This series of prints is called 'Break the Pattern.'

Each time the design loop bounces round the decades, its historical significance is diminished. Our Urban Jungle is far from natural, it’s littered with regulations, rhythms and structures. Shop after shop, trend after trend, the patterns blow the pipe of the Pied Piper and we, the consumer, willingly dance along to the humdrum of capitalism. 

If you view the design movements on a timeline the increments start to increase rapidly from the 60’s onwards.  The use of the Paisley shape is to transport the viewer back and move forward by “Breaking the Pattern.”
© 2021 Julie-Anne Pugh