A derive is a walk with no intended path or goal. You freely explore your surroundings that follow a loop, in this case the loop was of Oxford Circus, London. 

Oxford Street is an incredibly popular shopping hotspot, walking down it you don't get a chance to breathe.

To allow the public to “breathe” in their own time when they return home, jars of London air were given out and sold online. 
It may be busy but it is also one of the most polluted street in the world. This twisted the purpose of the jars and sparked a campaign to promote PM awareness.

PM stands for Particle Mass, many countries receive ratings along side the weather report to inform them how polluted the air is, the UK is not in the position yet where this infomation is urgent. Thats not to say it wont one day be a reality.

Air is one of the few remaining things that are still genuinely free, for how long?
© 2021 Julie-Anne Pugh